welcome to my homepage!! :D

hi there! im flowingleaves! welcome to my website :D this is the home to all things me! on here, i'll be writing about books, videogames, my own personal life, fandom stuff, and tons of other things! i found someone on tumblr talking about neocities and i decided to give it a go and i've decided this is the most fun and addictive thing ever. right now i have more book reviews, videogame reviews and discussions, themed playlists, essays, and possibly even posting some art eventually planned! i hope all of you enjoy everything on here! do be mindful though, this website is always under construction and i only have a basic understanding of html and css so if things are a little wonky don't worry, it'll be fixed eventually!


webmaster: flowingleaves, contact me at: andygalaxy404@gmail.com, 2024 :)