why hello there! i'm flowingleaves, the webmaster around here. i'm a youngish polish-irish internet connoisseur and this is my first ever website! i'm really queer, i'm non-sam aromantic and genderqueer! please use any pronouns for me.

i enjoy reading, writing, making art, listening to music, playing video games, and complaining (it's in my genes!). i love reading horror, literary fiction, non-ficition, and wierd books and i occasionally dabble in fantasy. not a big fan of romance, unless it's a very special book or it's fanfiction. i'm a big fan of mcyt (i love zombiecleo) and i do write fanfic for it sometimes, my current project is a shadowrot assasains/hitmen au that i'm loving! you can find me at FlowingLeaves on ao3 but you ought to know that my fics are posted early on here!

i enjoy basically all music genres, i like musicals (i've seen both six and heathers live!), make collages when i can, and love playing rpg maker horror games :D i'm also a huge fan of args and unfiction, including classics like marble hornets and everymanhybrid, as well as newer projects like welcome home, valle verde, the june archive, and the sun vanished! i also like history, theology, sociology, and mythology, the world is so fascinating! i hope you like my website and find something you like on here!

webmaster: flowingleaves, contact me at: andygalaxy404@gmail.com, 2024 :)